You decide what movies and TV shows are worth making. Not Hollywood executives.
We're Emmy-nominated storytellers on a mission: to turn groundbreaking ideas into binge-worthy entertainment. And you’re in the director’s chair.

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Fan powered

Hollywood is broken. We are here to fix it. We mash up Netflix and Kickstarter, turbocharge it through Web 3.0 and fuel it with the collective passion of creators and fans. It's the story of your voice finally being heard, the story of Hollywood rewritten.

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Fans buy NFT pieces of a movie, become co-owners and get access to cast and crew, view exclusive content or purchase rare collectibles and merchandise.
It's fan-powered filmmaking - creators keep control, and fans win big.

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Imagine seeing a movie pilot before anyone else and having a say if it gets funding.
With ritestream, you can vote, give feedback to the director, and watch exclusive content as your movie comes to life. Become a champion, not just a viewer.

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Ditch the ordinary, stream the extraordinary. ritestream+ offers exclusive, crowdfunded shows, hidden-gem content, and interactive features – all in one place. 

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Forget merchandise lines! Own a piece (NFT) of your fav crowdfunded shows on our marketplace. Trade collectibles & limited edition goodies - digital, physical or even phygital. Support creators, own a slice, unlock secrets. It's fan club 2.0.

Coming soon...

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Featured launchpad project


Imagine a global TV show where hot crypto startups pitch to legendary investors like the ex-CEO of a top 4 exchange, crypto OGs or Forbes 40 under 40. Think Shark Tank meets Web3, with 100s of millions of viewers on global streaming platforms.

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The entertainment revolution is here, and you're invited. Unlock exclusive access to CryptoKnights updates, plus the inside scoop on all things ritestream. Don't miss out – the future of entertainment is waiting for you.