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  • What is ritestream?
    ritestream is the platform for content lovers and content creators.
  • What your mission & vision?
    To bring good stories to life, and to reimagine the way entertainment is funded, created and consumed.
  • What kind of content can you watch on the ritestream app?
    Award winning independent content, which has been largely undiscovered.
  • How often will you add new content?
    Every month we will add new content. And each month will be a completely new content theme, from thrillers for Halloween to LBGTQ for Pride month. We’ll always keep it fresh and new.
  • Is it free to create an account?
    Yep, it is. Remember to keep your seed phrase in a safe place upon signing up.
  • What are ritestream originals?
    Movies and TV shows produced by our Emmy Award Nominated team.
  • Can I delete my account?
    You will soon be able to delete your account from within the profile section of the app.Please note that deleting your account will also delete access to any $RITE stored on your ritestream mobile app wallet. Ensure you have completed transferring your $RITE to your personal wallet of choice before deleting your account.
  • How can I join the community?
    You can join our growing community of movie lovers and streamers on the following channels: Telegram: Discord: Twitter:
  • What is next for ritestream?
    Our launchpad and NFT Marketplace. The launchpad allows creators to crowdfund their next projects through creating and selling NFTs. The NFT Marketplace allows users to buy and sell these NFTs. The more successful a movie or TV show, the more valuable the NFTs.
  • What's a seed phrase?
    A seed phrase is a group of random words generated by the ritestream app upon creating your account. It's incredibly important to keep a record of these words. No one has them but you, and no one can recover them for you. Don’t lose it, or you’ll lose your crypto.
  • What is $RITE?
    $RITE is the official token of the ritestream ecosystem and lives on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • Do I need $rite?
    Yes, you will require $RITE in your ritestream mobile app wallet in order to enjoy titles in the ritestream library.
  • What can I do with $RITE?
    $RITE holders will be able to invest in new shows, watch hours of content, purchase exclusive collectible NFTs, stake for rewards and much more. For filmmakers and content creators, $RITE allows them to monetize their content, maintain 100% of their rights and royalties, and get paid in real-time.
  • Where can I find $RITE?
    $RITE can currently be found on the following exchanges: Gate, MEXC, Bitmart, Bitforex and PancakeSwap. You will require a compatible wallet in order to access $RITE on an exchange and transfer $RITE to your ritestream mobile app wallet.
  • What is a wallet?
    A crypto wallet is a software program or physical device that allows you to store your crypto, and allows you to send and receive crypto. Some examples are Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet and Trust Wallet. Creating a ritestream account will create your very own ritestream wallet - which will allow you to transfer $RITE from your preferred wallet of choice using the address found under the Balance. In order to rent titles on the rite stream app, you will need to top up your app balance from within your app wallet. Tap on ‘top up balance’ and select the volume of $RITE to transfer from your ritestream wallet. You can also withdraw your $RITE to your preferred external compatible wallet.
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