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ritestream plus


Ditch cable bills & endless subscriptions. Web 3.0 streaming lets you watch with friends, pay-per-view, or unlock exclusive content with your movie NFTs. Stream smarter, not harder. 

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Available on different devices

We've got a massive 140,000-hour library with something for everyone, from free gems to exclusive premium content. Plus, catch shows born on our platform – funded by YOU – and see the future of entertainment unfold before your eyes.


Binge-watch on the go. Our ritestream mobile app lets you take your entertainment obsession from the couch to the toilet - we won't judge.


Stream all our awesome content directly on your desktop - because who needs an excuse to finally close those 17 browser tabs anyway?


From laugh-out-loud comedies to mind-bending documentaries,
ritestream+ serves up a buffet to satisfy every craving.


Other benefits

Binge-worthy content is just the beginning. ritestream+ unlocks a treasure trove of exclusive extras to supercharge your viewing experience.

phoneFree content

Unsure? Want to wet your appetite? Tip your toe in? Start off with free content.


Tired of subscriptions? Pay for what you watch. No more. No less. Coming soon...

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Funded a show? Your NFT will unlock access to the cast and exclusive content.

phonepremium content

Snag exclusive premium shows by owning the hottest NFTs through crowdfunding.

phoneMovie night

Level up your movie night: stream together with friends. Coming soon...

phonePopcorn collective

Our future DAO is for the movie buff who wants to be a patron, rather than a fan.