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Fan power unleashed. Shape the entertainment industry: vote which movies & shows get funded, help craft them, and enjoy exclusive content.

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Shape the shows and movies you love

Your one-stop shop for shaping the future of what you watch. Forget passive viewing – here, your voice matters. Be the producer’s secret weapon.

diamondVote on new projects

Vote on new projects, from greenlighting fresh ideas to influencing storylines in ongoing productions. You decide what is funded, not Hollywood execs.

mediabehind-the-scenes content

Dive deeper with behind-the-scenes content, offering a peek into the creative process and fostering a true connection with the cast and crew.

climb the ranks for rewards

Ditch the couch potato routine. Our app transcends watching – it's about an immersive experience where you get rewarded.

Forget mindless viewing. Here, your passion fuels the action. Climb our leaderboards, where every vote or comment propels you towards exclusive rewards and ultimate bragging rights.

This isn't just entertainment, it's an interactive adventure – and you're the hero.